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Language Analysis – things to look out for

When approaching a text, it can be difficult to identify the features in the language that you want to write about.

This is a list of some key terms for language analysis that you might find helpful.

Language Analysis

This is designed to help with analysis of Shakespeare, in particular Romeo and Juliet but it could equally apply to any text where you need to analyse the language and evaluate the writer’s craft.

Shakespeare Unseen – things to look out for

This is a document designed to help with the OCR A Level English Literature Paper 1 Shakespeare Unseen element.

It was prepared with Twelfth Night in mind, hence the examples, but it could work for other texts as well.

The first section focuses on language and lists a variety of devices and features with definitions and examples from the text.

The second section lists some possible dramatic effects.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list; it is just intended to give some pointers.

Shakespeare Unseen – things to look out for

Exemplar Essay – Twelfth Night disrupts ideas of class, status and gender

This is an example essay completed in timed conditions (35 minutes) for OCR A Level English Literature Paper 1: Twelfth Night Section B.

The question was:

Twelfth Night disrupts ideas of class, status and gender.’ How far do you agree with this view of the play?

It uses the mnemonic QTI as its approach.

Q – question (focus, critical position, key terms)

T – text

I – interpretation (including changing interpretations over time)

TN disrupts ideas of class status and gender

Romeo and Juliet – writing about love

This is an example introduction and analytical paragraph on the theme of love in Act One of Romeo and Juliet.

Essay Structure

There are two separate introductions which show the different approaches you could take when exploring love in Act One.

The analytical paragraph is highlighted to reflect use of SQuAD (Statement, Quotation, Analysis, Development).

‘Experience all too often leads to disillusionment.’ – comparing A Doll’s House and Rossetti

This is an example of how to structure an introduction for the OCR A Level English Literature Drama and Poetry comparative question.

Experience Intro

It compares A Doll’s House and the poems of Christina Rossetti in response to the question:

‘Experience all too often leads to disillusionment.’ In the light of this view, compare how writers explore the consequences of experience.

The approach to planning and writing is based on QCTI (Question, Context, Text, Interpretation).